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Dear Friends,

We all know that the right food is very important for our life and for our health. Especially the Greek-Mediterranean kitchen. Therefore, we decided to introduce the real, classical and traditional Greek kitchen to you. The cooking as we know from our grandmothers and mothers. Our recipes are from our city, Thessaloniki. A city famous for its gastronomy.
Of course, we will add some details from other regions of Greece and other Mediterranean countries. We buy the ingredients, cook the food and deliver it the same day. So everything will always be super fresh. We prepare the dishes with love and respect for the quality.
We will start our gastronomic journey with the most famous and characteristic Greek dishes.


1. Choose what you like to eat (minimum order: € 11.50).
1. Choose what you like to eat (minimum order: € 11.50).

2. Send us your name, delivery address, telephone number, date and time of delivery (+/-20min) and your email address, if you like (for specific offers and contact).