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Nostimo Cookery
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by Iain Bruinvis on Nostimo Cookery
A Nostimo Weekend

After delivery on Friday by Fani and Elena, I had every day a fine taste from Greece. Melitzanosalata with my ouzo on all 3 days. Tomatokeftedes as a starter on Friday and Saturday. Lamb with apricots, plus mixed vegetables on Sunday. With some good bread and retsina, I dreamed away to Samos, Leros; the places I lover to go. Bravo koritsia!!

by Leo on Nostimo Cookery
New heights

I had the stuffed courgettes last week, and am at a loss of words to descibe how unbelievably tasty this dish was. It will be a regular for me...

by Nico Samaras on Nostimo Cookery
Authentic Greek food from a Charismatic

I had a wonderful event on relationships yesterday evening. Ms. Elena prepared and cooked and brought our food. I was looking for something that no matter how the event went, people would remember how tasty the authentic Greek food was.

Κυρια Ελενα, (Ms Elena) not only brought the food but was kind enough to get some last minute drinks as well. From the minute the food entered the venue, the aroma of a Greek island ensued.

Being Greek myself, I am an great connoisseur of my homeland food; I grew up on it right?

Κυρια Ελενα, (Ms Elena) you are the Granny of Grannies in Greek cuisine. Your spices were fresh from Greece, the ingredients amazing, everything made the same day, authentic and traditional. I am so proud of you, because you did it out of the kindness of your heart, you really put your heart into each bite, you are the best!!

Never hesitate to order from this catering company! Its what our grandmothers in Greece are made of, food to perfection!

Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ, κύρια Έλενα, ήταν ολα πολυ φρεσκα και υπέροχα!

by Gabriela on Nostimo Cookery
The best greek food in Amsterdam

The food is extremely delicious and the portions are quite big. The food is made with love and brings memories of Greece. For those living alone in the Netherlands it will make you feel just like home. I will order again for sure.

Let me note that the food is delivered by the cooks themselves and meeting them explains it all.

Looking forward to tasting your new recipes!

Filia Elena & Fani!

by Kat on Nostimo Cookery

Nostimo Cookery’s delicious food was the highlight of my party! Elena and Fani gave tasty suggestions for the menu, organized everything perfectly and saved me tons of time. My guests loved the home cooked dishes, which could easily be made vegetarian or vegan upon request. I am very happy with the service and would 100% recommend it. Thank you Fani and Elena!

by Themis on Nostimo Cookery
The tastiest greek food in Amsterdam!

Every Sunday, we look forward to what Elena and Fani are cooking for the week! Whatever it is, it is always delicious home cooked food, and makes us happy. So glad this option exists in Amsterdam. Keep up the amazing work!

by Irma on Nostimo Cookery
Old days comming back again

It is just like always, a good meal from 2 nice people....Thanks, Tom and Irma.

by Iain on Nostimo Cookery

Monday morning: Nostimorning!

How do I plan my week? I go the website and the menu decides what will happen!

Great items this week again.

by Irma & Tom on Nostimo Cookery

Dear Elena and Fani, We had been looking forward to your Greek food the whole week. And it was again as always delicious! It made us remember how much we have missed your cooking but also you personally. We will order again soon. Love and hugs Irma & Tom

by Dimitris on Nostimo Cookery

Tasty food, and lots of it! On-time delivery and reasonable price, what else would someone want? Great job ladies, can't wait for the next one 🙂

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